Cow Pattern

What can you make with the Cow Now pattern?

There are four different animals, three cows, and an ox. Each has its own personality. 

Supplies Needed for cows and ox:  Sewing machine, regular sewing supplies,  some polyester stuffing, some fleece for the mouth, and time! 

Possibly use a product called Plush Phelt, not fur! Some cows are beautiful with upholstery fabric too! The pattern is very specific on supplies. 

Cows could,

Cows should,

Cows would teach Truth to your family!


Skill Level for cows and ox: Intermediate If all you have ever made is a pillowcase, you will need to recruit help. I can and will communicate with someone if assistance is needed, but if you are concerned about making one or don’t have the time, see Custom Puppets section to purchase a dandy Dino or a  lovable cow or ox! 

It is my hope that these patterns can equip as many families as possible who have a desire to teach truth from scripture and do it in a way that will stay with their children.

There is a secondary benefit for families who homeschool. While they are learning to make their own puppets, children will be stretching toward new talents and developing new skills. Their sewing skills will increase, and the truths they are studying will hold fast with each and every new stitch.  

The tools are here. Use them and enjoy!