Puppets on a Pole

Puppets on a pole, parrots, and more… These are designed to use with a group in museums, parks, zoos, and aquariums as shown. There are currently two designs,  the parrots, and seahorses. There will be eagles and other animals available soon. All of these are 3-d with both sides of the animal the same.

Contact us with a request. Orders can take 4-6 weeks due to the availability of supplies.

Custom Puppets for Sale parrots

This is a 3D parrot with wings that move, no moving mouth, approximately 27 inches long.  Pole for use is not included. No duplicates, all one of a kind. Many versions, some realistic,  some more fantasy but still definitely a parrot.  Must be ordered. Price: $75.00 plus shipping.

Seahorse, a puppet on a pole design,  with dimension to its head, tail, and fins. Pole not included. Approximately 27 inches long, and available in some fantasy colors. A seahorse can actually change colors to match its near surroundings, so wild colors like under the sea things are very appropriate! Must be ordered. Price: $80.00 plus shipping

Come on, everyone, find the parrot, and let’s stay together…!

This is one of Miss Fitz Puppets on a pole. Max, the parrot, is leading this large crowd on a tour.

Even with all the beauty around, he is easy to see and to follow with your group! Send in your request for one now! Made to order, not in stock, so must allow time to make and ship.