Custom Cow Puppets

The cows and ox are larger than the dinosaurs. The face front is about 11 inches long. These can also be performed like the dinosaur without a stage if necessary. The stage is great (like the little red barn used here), but not altogether needed. Just put it on your hand and arm out of sight, and bring it into view. When the cow is then acting like a cow and sounding like one, no one will care if it is on your arm! 

Chocolate Chip, the Holstein, in stock: $175.00 plus shipping.

Other cows or an ox can be ordered. The one in the center below is called Fussy Bossy, with the curly hair and no horns. Different colors are available. They may not all be realistic, but they are fun. All of the oxen would be either brown or tan. The ox is on the right below.  

All cows to be ordered are $175.00 plus shipping.